Get to know SMARTIA Barcode Cladding

SMARTIA M7000 Barcode Cladding is the ideal series for modern wall-cladding constructions, applied both exteriorly and interiorly, upgrading overall aesthetics and energy efficiency. Undoubtedly, this is an astonishingly useful tool for architects to design impressive constructions and to cover large surfaces of commercial and office buildings, modern residences, etc.


* Modern, distinctive aesthetics that lead architectural trends.
* Unlimited customization options, thanks to the range of profiles, color choices, and combinations with LED lighting, perforation, and synthetic wood (Woodalux®).
* Top sturdiness and capability to cover entire buildings.
* Allows for and protects insulative materials.
* Corrosion resistance, thanks to the durability of aluminum and its surface treatment.
* Enables complex technical applications, such as cladding with curtain walls, windows, and entrance doors.