For over 30 years, AXOR has been assisting architects, interior designers, and discerning customers in expressing their personalities. AXOR has fundamentally altered the design and perception of faucets and bathrooms unlike any other brand – transforming functional sanitary spaces into personalized havens of well-being. In 1981, Klaus Grohe commissioned the first designer faucet for the Hansgrohe Group: Allegroh, designed by Esslinger Design, the origin of the renowned Frog Design studio. The introduction of the first faucet collection in color, UNO, sparked an innovative market sensation. In the 1990s, design emerged as a hallmark of prestige, and Klaus Grohe recognized its potential in the sanitation industry. This marked the inception of AXOR’s success story as a design brand for luxurious products, aimed at individualizing bathrooms and kitchens – inspired and crafted by world-famous, renowned designers.